I am an ethically driven Communications Manager and Brand Designer with a wealth of creative design expertise, dedicated to being a force for positive change. 
My professional journey began in South Africa, where I graduated with a Diploma in Art Direction. For six years, I honed my skills in international advertising agencies, contributing to major campaigns and earning accolades, including two Gold Cannes Lions.
However, a growing frustration with promoting products and services that contradicted my values led me to seek more ethical avenues. In 2006, I relocated to the renowned eco-village, The Findhorn Foundation, in Scotland. Here, I served as the Head of Design for five years, shaping the organisation's brand image. While living in the ecovillage, I embraced community life engaging in  innovative approaches to leadership, conflict resolution, economics, and governance.
In 2012, I transitioned into a freelance Graphic Designer and Brand Strategist role, establishing my studio at the Findhorn Hive - a social enterprise hub. I have a proven track record since of supporting a diverse range of organisations such as small independent businesses, third-sector initiatives and large charities.
Evolving into a Communications Manager, my responsibilities now encompass crafting content that not only conveys ideas but also ignites emotional responses. I have consistently inspired and informed audiences to think differently and take meaningful actions.  
This unique blend of skills and experiences, positions me as a catalyst for positive change in the world of communication and design.
"Avalon has just worked with us at Learning through Landscapes. She undertook a new logo design, taking us through an excellent process of garnering our reasoning and expectations at first. The work she undertook in developing those inputs into a practical and simple solutions, grounded in our branding language, was invaluable and will influence not on the the project she was tasked with, but also a wider piece of work around future logo and brand identity. She exceeded our expectations and I look forward to working with her again."
Matt Robinson - Learning Through Landscapes
"Avalon was absolutely brilliant at capturing the essence of what we wanted in our branding, and translating that into something practical and beautiful. She was so patient with us, very available, and always had really sound advice to give us when we weren't sure what to do. We would recommend her to everyone, and are so grateful for her work on our brand!"
Sally Bogale - Green Bridge Organics
"God Avalon,
Where would I be without you!
Thanks so much, you have really brought a heap of knowledge, skill and artistry to the table."
Mark Yeadon - c-monsta.com
"Avalon is a great designer, wonderful to work with, she has great creative ideas, and a wiIIingness to both hold her opinions on what will work in the design, but also willing to shift and change to what the needs of the project are so that the end resuIts satisfy everyone. I highly recommend her. "
Kathy White - Joyful Parents 
"Avalon is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to her assigned projects. She functioned well as a team leader, and she also worked effectively as a team member."
Eva Ward - Findhorn Foundation Communications Manager 
"Avalon is a gift because she has one of the best attitudes of anyone I have ever worked with. She is demanding of herself and those around her, but she never fails to smile and to lift people up with her enthusiasm. And she is dissatisfied. She wants to explore. In her art direction, in her creativity, in her life. Which means she never accepts the status quo - which is a hallmark of all good creatives."
Matthew Bull - CEO Mullen Lowe SA 
"When I first met Avalon, I was immediately impressed with her charm and sparkling personality. I knew that she would be someone I could easily put in front of clients. She has an inherent sense of passion for what she does."
Ronald Wolhman - ECO Mullen Lowe Group, Paris 
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